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Per-Erik Söderberg - All instruments and vocals


Coulisses have actually been in the making since as far back as 2002. Back then the idea was to write instrumental songs inspired by European and American folk music as well as movie soundtracks. Some of this is still an inspiration, but in its current state Coulisses has grown into a vehicle of Per-Erik Söderberg's inner self, with his trademark vocals and lyrics leading the way.

Coulisses is rather different from Isobel & November - the songs focus on melody rather than rhythm. The differences in expression are also based on the calm that remains after feelings of darkness and aggression has been purged, rather than the catharsis itself.


Coulisses - Shadow Tree EP

Coulisses - Coulisses

Press Photos

  • Coulisses press photo (by Mattias Beijmo)
  • © Mattias Beijmo