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Daniel Björklund - Vocals, Guitar
Johan Härdfeldt - Guitar, Vocals
Mats Westerlund - Guitar (1995-1998)
Daniel Wallón - Bass
Sammy Björklund - Drums (1995-2000)
Mattias Beijmo - Drums (2000-2004)


"A Vessel in Orbit - 1995-2001" was released the day before duel's bassplayer Daniel Wallón died after battling cancer. He was 36. The last weeks of his life, Daniel worked very hard with us at Dither and the band to compile this album. It is pleasing to know that he lived to see its release online.

duel (they've always insisted on typing their name this way) was an underground swedish shoegaze act, and with three guitars in their original line-up, they really knew how to build that Spector-esque wall of sound. Taking their name from a Swervedriver song, they didn't hide their influences, but clearly brought something original into the mix too. It is evident that the songwriting is above par for the scene, and that guitars, bass and drums often intertwine in ways that is seldom heard elsewhere.

Originally, the three demos "duel", "Fumble" and "Last Truckstop" were released on cassette and changed hands on gigs and via mail. We've tried to ensure that the original intent of band and producer have been secured without adding or subtracting anything vital to the sound.

Listening to young bands of today clearly influenced by My Bloody Valentine, Ride et al, it isn't far fetched to think that we've come full circle and that the world needs to hear these remastered versions of duel's songs. It is also fitting that the film "Anyone Can Play Guitar" about big stars and also-rans of the Oxford scene will premiere soon - duel could definitely be one of these bands. But beeing a band from the outskirts of nowhere in Sweden, you usually end up with a dusty box with your demos hidden behind all the stuff you keep in the basement. But not this time.

As a label, we think it is appropriate that all our proceedings from this album goes to Edit Wallón, Daniel's daughter. Hopefully she'll grow up and be proud of her father's interlocked groove with the drums, and share his love for the music. Who knows, maybe one day she will play that four-bar intro to "A Hundered" herself and find comfort and inspiration in the beat, melody and noise that ensues.

Mattias Beijmo, CEO, Dither Music and Noise. Producer of "Fumble" and "Last Truckstop".

The physical release is a very special edition of 100 copies in a metal box. You can order it here: http://duelswe.bandcamp.com/


duel - A Vessel in Orbit