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Isobel & November

Isobel & November

Per-Erik Söderberg - Vocals & Guitar
Robert Norrman - Drums
Jens Räsänen - Bass
Mattias Beijmo - Guitar & Organs

Isobel & November

Isobel & November began as a solo project waaay back in the late 90s, where singer/writer Per-Erik Söderberg played the songs on his hollow, heavily tuned down Gretsch. This is still the foundation of the songs, but the electricity has been cranked up quite a few notches.

With the help of joining members, the band soon began experimenting with sound and texture, which made Isobel the droning, pounding, Kraut and Psych-quartet it is today. Critics have hailed their live shows with creative copy like "Post-rock Johnny Cash", "Neil Young and 80s Nick Cave in a forest" and "Goth-doom-country-esque".

After being personally invited to tour with Woven Hand, the band released their first album - "The Ghostwater Gospel". Recorded in a church hall, the album is full of atmosphere and depth and really made a mark within the Swedish artist community. More shows followed, with Low and TSOOL among others, and new songs emerged.

Lengthy recordings summer 2010 in Svenska Grammofonstudion in Gothenburg led to an autumn release of four songs on the EP "Sleeping Keys". Even more sessions in guitarist/producer Mattias Beijmo's own studio Grounds For Divorce led to even more songs, which were released as their second album "Hymns For The Myriad Spirits".

After releasing two albums and an EP, Isobel & November is now working on their third batch of songs. Reviews of their earlier work have suggested "Post-Rock Johnny Cash", "Doom-Country" and other examples of creative copy. However, the new material was premiered for a live audience when the band played Dark Bombastic Evening in the mountains of Transilvania this summer, and the songs aren't really songs anymore.

- We've had our personal up's and downs during the last years, and we've all done this for a while now, so we all felt we had to creatively purge and ctrl-alt-delete, says Mattias Beijmo, guitarist and also producer of Isobel's recordings. Life's too short to repeat yourself all the bloody time.

The direction became propelled by having a new drummer (Mr Robert Norrman) and that influenced the band in new directions - starting to build less on melody and more on groove and noise.

- Staying in the groove and noise is something that we've always have done live when the songs had improvisational parts, and we became aware of our love for those parts, says Per-Erik Söderberg, singer and main writer. We're done with the traditional songs for the time being.

Sharing the stage with bands like Woven Hand, The Soundtrack of our Lives and Low have communicated Isobel & November's sound to numerous new listeners, and earned them a lot of respect among their peers. Recent shows have seen more and more inclusions of elaborate technology to the live shows - all to be able to improvise and bring the noise.

- We try to be more innovative on stage, such as sampling Per-Eriks voice, using various tricks with distortion and chaos to disrupt and surprise, says Mattias Beijmo. It adds to the feeling of unease I want people to feel - the audience shouldn't feel comfortable during our shows - we want to shake them.

The new material also features a very dynamic vocal delivery - Per-Erik’s vocals ranges from his patented low-key rumble to a new, more experimental timbre.

- I felt that our new rhythm based songs needed a new approach in terms of both vocals and lyrics, says the frontman. Leaving the comfort zone of controlled vocal harmonies was of great importance and this opened up for a whole new way to deliver the words.

Spotify link; http://open.spotify.com/artist/4vLN9JiN9kz7A1ls2D5cRX

iTunes link; http://itunes.apple.com/se/album/ghostwater-gospel/id341846395


Isobel & November - The Ghostwater Gospel

Isobel & November - Sleeping Keys EP

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